Friday, March 27, 2009

March 28, 2009: the Big 5-0 has finally arrived!

Yes, still crazy after all these years (as seen in the picture just after the fantastic AC/DC concert in Milan on March 21, 2009)! So how does it feel to turn 50? Well, with the exception of a few gray hairs (where by the way the sun don’t shine!), a sprained ankle which I’ve been carrying around for some 20 years, a herniated disc (some 15 years), a sore shoulder from one of my many falls playing soccer and a screwed-up knee (again, from 40+ years of playing soccer), well, other than that (the ol’ prostate is STILL doing fine by the way!), I can’t complain much. And yes, at 50 I’m still kicking a ball around with the boys and kicking some serious ass too!

As Giovanni Trapattoni said the other day when he turned 70 (perhaps Italy’s most famous soccer coach who is currently Ireland’s national team coach): “It’s not the age on your ID card that counts but how you feel in you head”! I’d say I agree with that statement. To all friends (and foes) who are reading this and who are hopefully raising a chalice in my honour (!!!!), I do hope to be around for another 50….

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