Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Pretty Pistoia

Located not too far away from Florence, Pistoia’s another quaint town located in Tuscany. It’s about 250 kms from Rome, more or less, and not terribly far from Florence either.

(The Cathedral's belltower and the baptistry in the middle)

(A view of the town's main square where the summertime blues festival takes place)

 (One of the local fairs in Pistoia)

With a population of around 90,000 people, the entire historic center can be visited not only by foot but in a day’s time.

 (A free chamber music concert in the town's central baptistry)

(The town's central baptistry)

(Some interesting art in Pistoia's central museum)

The town goes back to the 7th century under the Longobards, even though its most ancient roots date back to Etruscan and Roman times. Its ancient city walls date back instead to the 1300s. 

The historic center contains some 21 churches plus its main cathedral.  The main square and with the city hall’s large palazzo is where the town’s yearly Blues Festival takes place, one of Italy’s most famous musical events.  For more info see: http://pistoiablues.com

The town must certainly come alive in July with its month-long festival. And only some 30 kms away is the small town called Collodi, the town that gave the world Pinocchio.  The main villa there and its massive garden is quite interesting, ditto for the butterfly collection (live ones too!).

(Me underneath the rather large statue of Pinocchio, and pulling on my nose too!)

 (The town's villa and large garden/park)

 (A small bamboo forest too, above)

 (The collection of butterflies and other animals at the villa's garden-park)