Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The calling of the tiny blue pill!

Palermo: An 82 year-old Sicilian man, apparently not quite through with the many joys of sex, decided to pop a Viagra pill in his mouth and proceed with some sexual adventures with his 82 year-old spouse. The problem though was that his wife became rather alarmed at her husband’s sudden sexual prowess, and politely declined the offer. Naturally, the husband, somewhat excited by the magical powers of this tiny blue pill, would not cave in, and insisted on being satisfied by his partner.

Worried that in the past her husband had had serious cardiac problems, the wife called the Carabinieri in order to calm he husband down. The agents found the man somewhat “infuriated” at the thought that someone could possibly interfere in his own personal (sexual) business. The man’s wife justified her call to the Carabinieri by saying that she was worried that so much passion could be fatal to her husband given his past heart problems. Only once the couple’s children arrived did the man finally come to his (sexual) senses, and the agents then left the couple’s home. What took place that night once the effects of the Viagra pill dissipated, remains to be seen.

Personally, I was once almost clobbered on the head by a pensioner and his umbrella in my neighbourhood postal office in Rome. I had been patiently lined up at the wicket when an old man entered. It was rather evident that he wanted to cut to the front of the line, at which point I gently tapped on his shoulder and made a gesture with my hand indicating that the end of the line was BEHIND me, and not in FRONT of me. The old man began raising his voice, threatening me with verbal abuse and waving in my face his umbrella, almost wanting to hit me with the object. Not only did I yell that there were almost 200 witnesses in the postal office if he indeed wanted to hit me with the umbrella, but as I exited the postal office, I yelled out in his direction (and in front of 200 people, including the staff): “You’re wife shouldn’t give you so much Viagra as it goes directly to your head”! Wicked indeed these Italian old timers.