Wednesday, April 03, 2019

China’s President Xi Jinping at Rome’s Villa Madama with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, March 23rd, 2019.

As AC/DC once sang, “Money Talks”!  China’s President Xi Jinping and Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte were on hand for the Memorandum of Understanding signing at Rome’s splendid Villa Madama.  Twenty-nine commercial, banking, cultural, tourism, space and agricultural accords were signed between the two countries in light of China’s truly massive Silk Road project.

One of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s last official functions took place at Rome’s magnificent Villa Madama which is located near to Italy’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.  Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte greeted the Chinese leader who was joined by many members of his government and China’s business community.  The two leaders met for the “Memorandum of Understanding” on China’s Silk Road initiative which will include massive investments in Italy by the Chinese government.

Italy has been the first of the G7 countries to sign an agreement with the Chinese on the Belt & Road project which will connect China and many parts of Europe for trade purposes.  Twenty-nine agreements were signed at Villa Madama today on a variety of commercial, banking, cultural, tourism, agricultural and also space issues by Italian and Chinese ministers.  President Xi then paid a last visit to the Quirinale presidential palace and to Italian President Sergio Mattarella before heading with his wife and his massive entourage of 500 people to Palermo, Sicily and then to other European capitals.