Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh Silvio, why don`t you just...

Our `Great Leader`, Silvio Berlusconi, is at it again. Given the recent odious spate of rapes in Italy, especially in Rome, Berlusconi`s thinking of increasing the number of soldiers in the streets of Italy in order to ensure more safety amongst citizens, up to 30,000 of them.

But as he himself has stated, there`s a problem. `Rapes are inevitable and in order to avoid them, we`d have to have one soldier for every beautiful woman, and in Italy there are several million`! The opposition, as in the form of Rome`s former mayor Walter Veltroni, called Berlusconi`s comment `Irresponsible and highly offensive to many Italian women` (apparently, Facebook has something out now from a group of guys stating that gang rapes are fun! Veltroni is up in arms about the posting and wants the page close down. No kidding?).

Berlusconi is not new to these kind of `drug induced` comments on women. In one of his many trips to the States, as he was visiting Wall Street, in order to attract foreign businesses to Italy (something which a former U.S. Ambassador to Italy, Spogli, has tried apparently to do unsuccessfully), he came out with another `brilliant` statement. He said that, `We also have beautiful secretaries in Italy`!, meaning to say that most multinational bosses are men anyway, so in between a conference and a cup of coffee, well, why not try with them in their offices… Now, in a country like the States which has had the likes of Carly Fiorina (Hewlett Packard) and Meg Whitman (Ebay) at the helm of these companies, a comment like that certainly DOESN`T go down well with American businesspeople (Berlusconi doesn`t seem to understand that it only ends up giving the usual image of Italy that most men do nothing but pinch the asses of secretaries!).

Having had in my teens a former girlfriend who was repeatedly raped and sodomized in France while transiting through to Spain, and having seen the devastating effects on her and on eventually our relationship, Berlusconi should in a large stadium, such as San Siro where his beloved AC Milan plays, face a `firing squad` of 80,000 Italian women who have been raped or who have been victims of sexual harassment. It would be nice to see what would be left of our `Grear Leader`! Probably not much.