Monday, April 04, 2016

Nice Montefalco!

Montefalco’s located in the Umbria region of Italy, not terribly far from Rome (about a 90-minute car ride).

(Interesting place just before Montefalco!)

The town goes back a few centuries, like most towns and cities in Italy.  Some nice museums and churches are located in the small town (one monastery even contains a crufix scene by the great Giotto).  Its San Francesco museum goes back to 1335.  

(The "Madonna della Cintola" which usually hangs in the Vatican Museum)

And like in many Italian towns and cities some mighty great vino and food too!

(According to the nuns in one of the town's monasteries, this one is an original piece by Giotto)

 (Great vino and food in Montefalco!)

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